A little girl is painting a white BMW with colour.


Trust your standard. The Original BMW Repair Services.

Some special memories we like to cherish – while others we prefer not to. With your BMW as a constant companion, you can collect a whole host of these memories. There are some adventures that you might prefer to reverse though. With Original BMW Repairs and Services you can permanently cherish the pleasant moments – even if your vehicle has been occasionally confused with a sketch pad. Our specialists share your standards of quality, aesthetics and safety and make sure that you don’t have to part with these unique moments – even if they have been imprinted on the paintwork.

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LASTING MEMORIES SHOULD BE VALUABLE. NOT EXPENSIVE.Trust your standard. The Original BMW Repair Services.
A woman sitting in her BMW smiling.


Life leaves its mark. On all of us – and on our cars. With the BMW Repair Service, the experts are always there for you – with expert personnel, the latest repair methods and Original BMW Parts. They ensure a swift and expert restoration to the original condition – without any traces. And so the time for special moments is not just simply replaced but restored as quickly as possible.



It is the details that determine the big picture and also shape the pleasant moments. And the situation is very similar with your BMW. This is why your Authorised BMW Service Centre ensures that small flaws are rendered invisible again and your BMW continues to gleam as it did on the very first day. Whether you have a dent in the body or a scratch in the paintwork or a tear in the upholstery – the services of BMW Cosmetic Repair & Care quickly and precisely ensure that you can concentrate solely on the pleasant details.
A man sensitively touching his BMW.
A varnisher spraying the front of a BMW.


Just a scratch in the paint detracts from the appearance of your vehicle. With BMW spot paint repair, your Authorised BMW Service Centre removes minor paint damage to proven BMW standards of quality: quickly and accurately using the environmentally friendly approved BMW Paint. A special treatment and partial painting is able to eliminate chips, scrapes or small scratches in the paintwork without removing the parts – with gleaming results.
A BMW Service employee sitting on the passenger seat of a bmw whilst checking it.


Daily life leaves it mark. You probably don’t want to be constantly reminded of this by your leather seats. That’s no problem at all, with BMW interior repair, the marks left by daily life on your leather seats can be quickly and easily removed. In this way, you can greet every new day with a fresh appearance.
A BMW Service employee reparing the rear bumper of a BMW.


Extending your horizons sometimes means having to overcome obstacles. And during the process, it’s easy to pick a small crack or scratch in the bumper. However, thanks to BMW plastic repair, it’s just as quick and easy to rectify any minor damage to exterior plastic parts. This makes sure that life’s obstacle race will leave no visible marks.
A BMW Service employee polishing the rear of a BMW.


The first impression counts. This is just as true for the appearance of your vehicle. This is why your Authorised BMW Service Centre, removes damage from parking or small defects on the bodywork with the innovative methods of BMW dent repair. So that you always leave a good impression – and no depressions.
A BMW Service employee reparing the rim of a BMW.


We don’t keep reinventing the wheel but we can make it look as new. Just one small moment of inattentiveness when parking can result in kerb damage to the rim. However, small damage to the wheels is generally only cosmetic and can be repaired at your Authorised Service Centres with an innovative filler and then painted. And your BMW aluminium wheel looks like new. Only if larger structural damage has occurred it will be necessary to replace a wheel.


When it comes to BMW repairs of mechanical parts such as brake pads and discs or electronic parts such as your navigation system, a specialised BMW mechanic is needed. After all, no one knows the innovative technology in your BMW better than the experienced and highly qualified service specialists at your BMW workshop. Your BMW Service Centre uses only Original BMW Parts for BMW repairs, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality and performance. Original BMW Parts are tailored to your BMW – each component is extremely reliable and made to last, ensuring long-term good value. BMW repairs mean you can always be sure of expert advice and the best possible service.

  • Electrical repairs

    Specialised knowledge is paramount for BMW electrical repairs. Consequently, you should trust only BMW Service specialists to work on BMW electronics – so all of the high-tech, finely tuned electronic components interact perfectly and a smooth flow of data and information is guaranteed.

    BMW electrical repairs include the highly sensitive repair of your BMW Navigation System, BMW Power Windows or other ECU repairs.Your BMW Service Centre has the expertise and cutting-edge equipment required to analyse and resolve any electronic faults and exclusively uses Original BMW Parts. BMW electrical repairs ensure long-lasting, outstanding performance.

  • Mechanical repairs

    For BMW mechanical repairs such as rear silencer repairs or shock absorber replacement, look no further than your BMW Service Centre. Our specialists are true BMW experts and always deliver the highest standards of quality. Plus, they make sure all components dovetail to perfection and function seamlessly with your vehicle’s systems.

    For BMW wear-and-tear repairs such as BMW brake pad replacement, BMW brake disc replacement or BMW clutch repairs, only Original BMW Parts specifically designed for your model are used. Only qualified BMW mechanical repairs translate into sheer driving pleasure and guarantee to restore the safety levels you expect from your BMW – making a perfect ride even better.


BMW takes care of the repairs to your vehicle, ensuring that it retains its value over time. The BMW service specialists in our approved body or paint shops are equipped for just this type of precise repair. Using their specific technical knowledge and modern repair techniques, BMW service specialists carry out professional repairs to your BMW so that you can once again enjoy that feeling of all-round security.

The use of Original BMW Parts supplies precision and functionality down to the smallest detail – they are subject to the same strict quality standards as BMW vehicles themselves. The accuracy of fit and high-quality workmanship of each Original BMW refurbished part ensure that all components in your BMW work together perfectly – for optimum performance as well as maximum safety and durability.

  • Bodywork

    BMW bodywork repairs are subject to the strict BMW quality requirements and are performed by highly qualified BMW service specialists. Whether a slight dent is involved or extensive damage to the bodywork, the latest repair techniques using Original BMW Parts will restore your BMW to its former glory so that it fulfils all BMW crash test requirements. The perfect combination of innovative technology and outstanding expertise ensure that your vehicle is operational once more and affords the customary level of safety after any bodywork repair.

  • Paintwork

    You benefit from BMW paintwork when it is necessary to restore your vehicle to series-production standards following damage to the paint finish caused by an accident or hailstorm. The work is carried out using the environmentally friendly water-based approved BMW paint. Approved BMW Paint offers a solution identical to the original paint finish and delivers a brilliant result on all surfaces – and is therefore used in all warranty work. What’s more, Approved BMW Paint also makes a contribution to our environment by reducing the emissions of organic solvents.


With BMW cosmetic care & repair your BMW Service Partner effortlessly smooths out little nicks and bumps of daily life. BMW cosmetic repairs are carried out quickly and precisely at the high level of quality you expect from BMW. Our experienced technicians eliminate minor dents in the body, scratches to paintwork or tears in the upholstery. This ensures that your BMW permanently retains its perfect appearance, its value and your driving pleasure. Moreover, our wide range of Original BMW Care Products helps you protect the sleek aerodynamic sheen of your BMW. Try it for yourself and you will be convinced of the value of professional cosmetic repairs and care for your BMW.

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Spot repair.

A scratch in the paint detracts from the appearance of your vehicle. With BMW spot paint repair, your BMW Service Partner removes minor paint damage to proven BMW standards of quality: quickly and accurately using the environmentally friendly approved BMW Paint. A special treatment and partial painting is able to eliminate chips, scrapes or small scratches in the paintwork without removing the parts – with gleaming results.
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Dent repair.

BMW dent repair restores your faith in your BMW. Parking lot mishaps, or minor vandalism can cause a dent in your car. With BMW dent repair, body damages can be inexpensively removed without having to repaint. Using innovative repair methods, your BMW Service Partner can easily and inexpensively massage away any BMW buckling or dents. Maintain your vehicle’s appearance and value – let BMW dent repair restore your BMW to its original top quality.

BMW dent repair is especially good at fixing dents, bucklings and compressions up to 60 mm where the original paintwork has not been scratched.
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Interior repair.

BMW interior reconditioning & repair provides a fast and easy way to recondition your interior. At surprisingly low cost, BMW upholstery repair or BMW dashboard reconditioning quickly and expertly eliminates the problem. BMW seat damage caused by cigarette burns or sharp objects is fixed and your car is brought back up to BMW’s high standards of quality. Whether its leather seat repair or holes in plastic fittings, don’t let one moment of carelessness lead to lasting damage and an enduring eyesore. BMW Interior reconditioning & repair renews the inner beauty of your BMW.
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Plastic repair.

Bumpers are always prone to cracks or scratches. Thanks to BMW plastic repair, you can easily rectify any minor damage to exterior plastic parts. You BMW Service Partner will repair each damaged plastic part quickly and cost-effectively for you in customary BMW quality.
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Alloy wheel repair.

Wheel damage can occur from something as minor as touching a kerb. Should this happen, be sure to visit your BMW Service Centre for professional BMW alloy wheel repair. In most cases, the damage is purely superficial and our BMW service technicians can quickly remove all traces using an innovative putty that delivers highest quality results. In the unlikely event of more serious structural damage, your BMW Service Centre may recommend a wheel replacement.
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